• Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)* Don’t have one? Visit the IRS to request an FEIN number.
  • State Identification Number(s)*
  • Company Business Bank Account Information
  • For yourself and any employees, you’ll need the following information:
    • Personal: Name, address, Social Security number and email address.
    • Pay information, including: Hire date, status type, pay rates and deductions.
    • Other: Withholding status and allowances from your employees’ W-4 forms.
    • Bank: Direct deposit information (if applicable). We will supply a direct deposit form to you.

*Note: To complete enrollment, you will need to provide proof of any FEIN or state ID numbers supplied. Examples of proof documentation for an FEIN include any document to the employer from the IRS dated within 3 years of submission, an SS4 application dated within 90 days of submission, or any form filed with the IRS by the employer.


Certain industries have specific earnings types and/or tax filing requirements. To ensure your payroll taxes are filed accurately for your business, please let us know the business type that most closely matches yours. If your business doesn’t fall into a specific category, such as “Household”, “Officer Only”, or “Restaurant”, select “General Business”.

Household Employer: Supports household-specific payroll tax filings, including preparing and filing 1040-ES and providing a signature-ready Schedule H to attach to your annual 1040 filing.

Officer Only: Supports S-Corp 2% Owner earnings to reimburse owners for health and insurance premium expenses and reports this compensation in W-2 boxes 1 and 14.

Church**: Allows payment of clergy earnings and/or housing allowances.

Non-Profit Organization**: For 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations that are religious, charitable, or educational-based.
Note: if you need to pay clergy, please select “Church”.

Restaurant: For businesses that process payrolls for employees who are compensated with credit card tips, cash tips, and/or multiple pay rates.

General Business

**Note: For Church and Non-Profit set-up, you will be required to provide federal and/or state documentation to support any request for tax exempt status.

Once you have supplied us with all of this important information we will get started with processing your payroll.